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In June, 1920, a group of men began to dream of a suitable House of Worship to take care of the religious needs of the Jewish people of Long Beach. Two homes were used for services that summer, while the Nassau Hotel served as synagogue for the High Holy Days.

Soon after, Congregation Temple Israel of Long Beach was chartered by the State of New York and a building fund began. In 1922, the congregation purchased five lots at the corner of Walnut Street and Riverside Boulevard. Construction was underway. In 1923, services were held in the sanctuary for the first time.

Temple Israel, the first synagogue in Long Beach was dedicated on August 31, 1924. That winter, Rabbi Morris M. Goldberg was called to officiate at a Bar Mitzvah at Temple Israel and said, "History has proved that Judaism can grown and still live. It is not a closed and finished product. It is the principle that has inspired us to build this beautiful edifice. It is here we shall learn that Judaism is not only a religion of the past. It is a living, cultural and spiritual combination of language, literature, history, customs and social institutions which must be brought to the hearts of our men, women and children - particularly the children."

The congregation asked Rabbi Goldberg to continue as their spiritual leader and teacher. He reorganized the Hebrew and Religious Schools, which consisted of daily and Sunday sessions. Within three years, there was a need for a separate building to house the school. The foundation was laid in the summer of 1929. The Talmud Torah Building was dedicated on August 24, 1930, with Cantor Aaron Caplow chanting the dedicatory prayers.

As the community and congregation grew, there was need for a facility to meet the religious, educational, social and cultural necessities of the community. Thus, the third building, the Rose and Irving H. Engel Center was dedicated in 1966.

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